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Why Is the Avocado Pit in Water Myth So Popular?

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The Avocado Pit in Water Myth suggests that placing an avocado seed in water will lead to the growth of ...

Avocado Pit in Water Myth: What You Need to Know

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The avocado pit in water myth has taken social media by storm, with claims ranging from accelerated growth to easy ...

what is the difference between food web and food chain?

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Food Chain: Linear representation, simple and sequential, focusing on a direct pathway of energy transfer from one organism to another ...

Reviving Rainforests: Human Intervention Accelerates Ecosystem Recovery, Borneo Study Demonstrates

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According to a recent study published in Science Advances, human-assisted forest restoration has proven to be more effective than relying ...

new bamboo varieties

Forest Research registers 3 new bamboo varieties

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Forest Research, a renowned research institution, has recently registered three new bamboo varieties. The registration of these varieties was recommended ...

16 Million Funding for Forest Research Programme

UK Government Announces £16 Million Funding for Forest Research Programme

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The UK government has recently revealed its plans to allocate £16 million in funding for the Forest Research programme. This ... Protection Status