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Drug Development and Biomedicine

oak tree fertilizer for newly planted trees

Oak Tree Fertilizer for Newly Planted Trees

Dr Ahsanur Rahman, PHD

To ensure your newly planted oak tree gets off to a strong start, fertilize it in early spring and again ...

ways to get wasp nest out of a tree

Safe And Effective Ways to Get a Wasp Nest Out of a Tree

Dr Ahsanur Rahman, PHD

One of the most effective ways to get rid of a wasp nest is to simply wait until nightfall. Wasps ...

why oak tree trunk turning black and how to fix it

Why Oak Tree Trunk Turning Black and How to Fix It

Dr Ahsanur Rahman, PHD

The cause of an oak tree trunk turning black could be due to a fungal infection or because the tree ...

Can You Kill a Tree With Weed Killer

How to Kill a Tree Without Cutting It Down

Dr Ahsanur Rahman, PHD

Yes, you can kill a tree with weed killer. However, there are risks and alternatives to consider before taking this ...

Scientists’ Knowledge of Cancer]

How has the Study of Mitosis Affected Scientists’ Knowledge of Cancer

Dr Ahsanur Rahman, PHD

The study of mitosis, the process by which cells divide, has had a profound impact on scientists’ understanding of cancer. ...

How Long Does Immunity Last After Having Covid

Dr Ahsanur Rahman, PHD

The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has caused a global pandemic of respiratory illness, called COVID-19. The virus is primarily spread through ...

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