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Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research Vol 2 Issue II

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Journal of Agriculture and Forestry Research Vol 2 Issue II 4

Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research


On behalf of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research (JAFR) and myself, it is a pleasure to publish the second issue of Volume 2. The process of improving the quality of a scientific journal is ongoing. We are dedicated to this process. Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research (JAFR) is an open-access multidisciplinary journal that publishes fundamental and applied research works in different areas of Agriculture and Forestry. JAFR publishes papers concerned with the advance of agriculture and the use of land resources throughout the world.
I would like to acknowledge our users, contributors, authors, and reviewers for volunteering to help the journal’s success and development mission. We publish our publications with an emphasis on quality, safety, and improved research. We hope that JAFR will be an enlightening and inspirational platform for both researchers and users, laying the path for a groundbreaking future.

Journal of Agriculture & Forestry Research

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2, 2021

No 1. Haematological and Biochemical Profiles of Exotic and Nigerian Locally Adapted Turkeys Reared in a Tropical Environment| Author: Utulu, Godwin Gbayi; Isidahomen, Clement Ebanehitah; Oguntade, David Oluwafemi; Ikhimioya, Imounu | Pages 1-9

No 2. Cluster-Based Demonstration and Popularization of Highland Maize (BH661) and Midland Maize (BH547) Production Technologies Packages in Selected Districts of Gedeo Zone and Sidama Region, Ethiopia | Author: Merknehi Bekele, Zerihun Dotora, Mekonen Debara | Pages 10-34

No 3. Effect of Cassava-Legume Intercropping Systems on the Physicochemical Properties of the Soil in Three Agro-ecological Zones of Sierra Leone | Author: Augustine Mansaray, Abdul Babatunde Karim, Thomas Brima Rick Yormah, Abdul Rahman Conteh, Mohamed Saima Kamara | Pages 15-27

No 4. Assessment of Microbial Isolates In Date Palm Plantation Soils Of Modibbo Adama University, Yola Adamawa State, Nigeria | Author: Gujja A.A. MA’.Aza, A.A, Babagana U, Tarimbuka L.Y. | Pages 28-37

No 5. Survival And Growth Performance Of Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King) Wildlings Using Biochar Soil Amendment | Author: Muhammad Sarwar | Pages 31-43

No 6. Effect of de-worming drugs for intestinal parasites control on laboratory rats (Rattus norvegicus) breeding in DMR | Author: Ogam Dai, Vikaspal Singh, Rashmi T. Chamoli and A.K. Uniyal | Pages 44-51 Protection Status