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Goats in Trees: A Unique Sight in Morocco

Dr Ahsanur Rahman, PHD

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The goats in trees are a unique sight in Morocco. They are known to climb the Argan trees in search of the fruit. The fruit of the Argan tree is an important food source for the goats.

The goats are also known to eat the leaves and bark of the trees.

If you’re looking for a truly unique sight, head to Morocco and check out the goats in trees! That’s right, these goats climb up into the argan trees to eat the fruit and leaves. It’s an amazing sight to see, and one that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The goats are able to climb the trees because of their sharp hooves. They cling to the trunk of the tree and then use their front legs to pull themselves up. Once they’re high enough, they can reach the branches and start eating.

The argan tree is native to Morocco, and its fruit is used to make oil. The oil is used in cosmetics and cooking, and it’s become quite popular in recent years. So, not only are these goats fascinating to watch, but they’re also helping to produce a valuable product.

If you find yourself in Morocco, be sure to add seeing the goats in trees to your list of things to do!

Goats in Trees: A Unique Sight in Morocco
Goats in Trees: A Unique Sight in Morocco 4


What is the Story behind Goats in Trees in Morocco

The story behind goats in trees in Morocco is an interesting one. It is said that the goats were brought to the country by the Romans, who used them for their milk and cheese. The goats soon adapted to the climate and terrain of Morocco and began to thrive.

They would climb into the trees to escape predators or to get at the leaves, which they found more nutritious than grass. Over time, the goats developed a fondness for climbing and became known as “goats in trees.” Today, these animals are still treasured by Moroccans for their milk and cheese, and they continue to be a popular tourist attraction.

How Did This Tradition Start

The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas started in the early days of Christianity. Christians would give each other presents as a symbol of their love and appreciation for each other. This tradition was later adopted by the wider world and has become an important part of Christmas celebrations around the globe.

Why Do the Goats Climb the Trees

There are a few reasons why goats might climb trees. One reason could be that the goats are trying to escape something, like a predator. Another possibility is that there is something up in the tree that the goat wants, like food or water.

Finally, it could just be that the goat enjoys climbing and exploring its surroundings. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that goats are pretty good at scaling trees!

How are the Goats Cared for

The goats are cared for by the farmers. They are fed and watered, and the farmers make sure that they have enough food to eat. The farmers also check on the goats regularly to make sure that they are healthy and happy.

What Happens to the Goats When They Can No Longer Climb the Trees

The process of harvesting latex from a rubber tree can be quite laborious, as the bark must be cut away and the latex collected by hand. Once a rubber tree has been tapped for latex, it can no longer produce new bark, and thus must be cut down. The goats that live in the trees are then left without homes, and must find new places to live.

The unbelievable tree-climbing goats of Morocco


If you find yourself in Morocco, you may be lucky enough to see some goats in trees! These unique creatures are actually a common sight in the country. The goats climb the trees in search of food, and they often end up eating the leaves and fruit of the trees.

While it may seem like a strange sight, the goats seem to enjoy their time in the trees. Protection Status